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Do’s and Don’ts

In order for your event to be listed as an official Open Source Hardware Month event, you must follow these rules:


  • Plan your event for the month of October
  • Use the term “Open Hardware Month” in your event title or description. For example “Open Hardware Month Berlin: All About Open Source”
  • Submit your event to OSHWA at least 7 days before it is scheduled by sending it to
  • Discuss open hardware practices that match the community Open Source Hardware definition.
  • Make your event open to the public
  • Abide by local health regulations if your event is in-person
  • Adhere to the OSHWA event code of conduct
  • Use these hashtags: #OpenOct
  • Use the Open Hardware Month logos available here


  • Suggest any proceeds from the event will go to OSHWA without prior approval
  • Use the official OSHWA logo
  • Create a logo or use language to describe your event that suggests a formal association with OSHWA
  • Hold OSHWA liable if something goes wrong at your event