Planning an Event

The event form for 2019 is closed.
Thank you for all your October events!

There are many types of open hardware month events.  You can use the example below that is the best fit for your area or create something new.  If you do decide on a different kind of event let us know at so that we can share it with the community!

Steps to Follow:

Event Planning

How to Host a Cocktail Hour or Meetup (1-2 hour event)

Hosting a cocktail hour is the easiest and least expensive way to bring your local open source hardware community together.

  1. Post on Eventbrite, or some other RSVP platform, the time, date, and location
  2. On the event page, encourage people to bring what open source hardware they are working on so people have something to discuss (Size of project within reason)
  3. Make sure your attendees and the venue know that you are not picking up the tab.  Give the bar/pub/cafe/restaurant a heads up on your headcount or make reservations if you have a lot of people coming
  4. Do not make your event on the busiest night – a Mon / Tues / Wed is probably best – especially if you are a large group
  5. Get people’s contact info so you can relay last-minute changes
  6. Thank people for coming, sit back, and have a good time!

Hashtag: #OHM2020

How to Host a Small Event or Workshop (3-4 hours)

  1. Create an organizing committee from your local open source hardware community. 
  2. Discuss and decide on the event type, duration, venue, and date
  3. Update Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA) – Fill out the form and get approval 
  4. Plan logistics –
    • Event registration system (such as Eventbrite or Facebook event, etc.)
    • Food/drink if needed
    • Parking information or directions for attendees
    • Rent tables/chairs if needed
  5. Find local supporters based on your event requirements (Note: This will not be an Open Source Hardware Association sponsored event)
  6. Send out the invitations
  7. Promote your event (on social media)
  8. Send out a thank you and follow-up (if any) note to the attendees 

An example of a small event can be found on the OSHWA website. 

Sample Agenda:

Duration Activity Name Details
15 min Welcome and Introduction Welcome the attendees and inform them about Open Source Hardware (check resources link above for further details)
45 min Share Examples of local projects/ people working on Open Source Hardware
45 min Discuss – Open Pitch Session Attendees share what projects they have been working on and if they are looking for any local collaboration
45 min Panel Discussion & Q&A Local experts share knowledge and help answer queries
15 min Next Steps Discuss any action item if it came up during the earlier discussions
15 min Wrap-up Thank the audience and take a group picture


Duration Activity Name Details
15 min Welcome and Introduction Welcome the attendees and inform them about Open Source Hardware (check resource link for further details)
2 hr Open Source Hardware Workshop  
15 min Show and Tell Attendees share their projects or learnings from the workshop
30 min Open House/Informal get-together  

Basic information on how to host a Workshop:

Example of Documenting workshops (see slides and documents) 

Unfortunately, OSHWA is not in the financial position to fund workshop supplies.

Hashtag: #OHM2020

Open Hardware Summit

Host your event in October, then come to the official OSHWA event in NYC (tentatively in-person) April 9, 2021! Tickets available here.