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Latest Past Events

OHM: Certification with Michael Weinberg


Join Michael Weinberg to learn everything there is to know about certification! We are offering TWO ways to participate: Hop on the YouTube stream at 12:00pm EST for a live conversation about Certification and/or Follow along on our Twitter @oshwassociation at 4:00pm EST for a text-based AMA  

OHM: Ribbit Network with Keenan Johnson


Join us for the kick off Monthly Talks with Keenan who will be discussing the Ribbit Network: Open Source Sensors for Climate! This event will be hosted by OSHWA and Lee Wilkins


Govt.Model Engineering College, Kochi Kochi Kerala

A Free and Open Source Conference held in Kochi, Kerala by the FOSS United Community KochiFOSS is a Mini Conference organized with the aim to revive the FOSS community in Kochi and to bring everyone interested in FOSS together.

99Rs – 199Rs

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